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DET salmon flutter jig – 2 & 3 ounce


2&3 ounce jigs, Gamakatsu 4x treble hook.  various popular colors.

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Dead End Tackle’s contribution to the Salmon world has arrived!  The DET flutter jig is a tremendous all around fish magnet that is the absolute perfect bait for vertical jigging Salmon.  The flutter jig is equally up to the task to haul in bass, walleye, and lake trout in this 2 & 3 ounce size, but this just so happens to be the best size jigs for the mighty chinook.  These jigs can also be casted and retrieved with a steady reel while lifting the rod tip from a horizontal (9 o’clock) position to an almost vertical (11-12 o’clock position.  Various colors available with a heavy concentration on the always productive glow colors, blues, greens, whites, and chromes.  Once again DET has given you the gold standard of hooks to go with this awesome jig.   The Gamakatsu 4x strong treble hook is the absolute best hook that we could find for this jig and it’s applications.  To say these hooks are sticky sharp is a understatement.  These are the sharpest large size treble hooks that money can buy, they penetrate faster and deeper than other hooks on the market.

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glow green, glow blue, chrome glow, DET tiger glow, stinger, alewife, white, nemo, perch, blue ice, flash antifreeze, chrome, purple phantom, wonderbread, green ghost, lemon lime, zippy, midnight supernova, menace, gator, red pepper, blue bengal, neon graffiti, chrome heat, ice man


2 OZ, 3 OZ


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