Effective for all species that swim.  Various sizes and colors available.  Premium KVD triple grip treble hooks that CANNOT tangle on each other.  Size #6 hooks come standart  *add a note or email if you would like #4 hooks (bigger than #6) or a combo of #4 forward and #6 at the tail.

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The Blade Bait is one of the most effective lures you can use to catch a variety of species of fish, BOTTOM LINE.  This vibrating style lure can be vertical jigged, casted, trolled, etc.  This presentation is always effective, but it is extremely deadly in the spring and the fall when the water is cooler.  Put your split ring pliers away, unlike a lot of blades there is no need to change the hooks here.  We use black nickel #4 and #6 Mustad KVD elite series triple grip treble hooks.  These hooks developed by Kevin Van Dam are super sharp, with a shorter shank to ensure there is NO hook tangles while fishing.  We know these baits are killer for walleye and bass, but trust us there is no species off limits with blade baits.

  • Choose between 1/2, 5/8, and 3/4 ounce
  • Premium KVD triple grip treble hooks
  • Super durable powder paint AND/OR airbrushed
  • 3D eyes come standard
  • Quality Worth split rings

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walter white, crystal pinky, silver shiner O.G., candy purple, copper, perch, pink tiger, devastation, blue steel, killer klown, phenom, flash antifreeze, junebug, 24k gold plated, midnight supernova


5/8 oz, 3/4 oz


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