2.5 inches in length, #8 mustads, 14 lb trilene XT mono.  Superior strength with snell knot.  No metal crimps.  5 stinger pack.



Our stinger hooks are a perfect combination of strength and forgiveness.  They are strong enough to land the lunker of a lifetime, yet in most cases will allow breakoff if snagged so you can save your main bait.  The top loop is adjustable and allows you to transition the stinger hook from jig to jig in seconds without weakening or loosening unlike dipped stingers.  Simply place the loop over the desired attach point and pull tight.  We now are featuring snelled trebles which is the strongest connection you can have between line and hook.  These are far superior than a simple “crimped on” hook because you avoid potential weak spots that can occur in the crimping process, and there is a larger volume of line connected to the hook as opposed to a single strand.  It is more work to produce these, but its all about the quality here.  Packs of 5

  • Mustad #8 treble hooks
  • Trilene XT 14 lb. monofilament- strong and abrasion resistant
  • Super strong snell knots at hook/rubber stop to connect to jig (no metal)
  • No metal crimps that can fray your line



Additional information

hook color

red treble


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